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  1. Joy White


    #2 peanut butter and #4 Raspberry cheesecake were our favorites. The others are also good, just had a more mild flavor than the other 2. We would buy all 5 as they came available.

  2. Cheryl Waldvogel


    1. Eggnog was excellent.
    2. Peanut butter cup was excellent too.
    3. Red Velvet Cake – this was our favorite
    4. Raspberry cheesecake. – this was good, the more I ate the more I liked it but the others were better.
    5. Pumpkin Cheesecake – my husband really like this, I initially liked it but there was a funny aftertaste for me.

  3. Kristina Peterson


    I tried to take the survey but it wouldn’t let me. I want to say that I loved all the flavors and I would like to see them all this holiday season. They were so so so good. Thank you!

  4. ashley_parrish23


    I love loved the peanut butter cup and the raspberry cheesecake was my number 2.

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