“This is the best ice cream ever! I’m on Keto and love this ice cream.”  –  Charles H. 12/12/18

“I’m not even doing the Keto diet but this ice cream is to die for. Literally everything that these two make is delicious! Try try try!” – Elise M. 12/19/18

“Best keto ice cream you will Ever find!! The couple that runs this are so sweet and become your instant favorites!” – Janacy H. 12/31/18

Awesome flavors! We especially love the texture. If you’ve tried store bough keto ice creams you know they are hard and not very creamy, but Scoop of Keto is so smooth, creamy, and soft enough that you can scoop it right out of the freezer.” – LaTressa S. 01/03/19

 “Best keto treat I have ever had!!! YUMMY!!! ❤” – Cori C. 01/03/19

“This is seriously the best ice cream ever! My kids beg for it and we absolutely love it!! Great for children!” – Jessica S. 01/05/19

“Great homemade ice cream.  So creamy and delicious!” – Beth W. 01/17/19

“Amazing taste and texture on all 3 flavors (raspberry chocolate chip, rocky road, and German chocolate) I have tried!!! I highly recommend this ice cream to anyone doing Keto! The price is great too!!! ❤️❤️❤️” – Amber P. 01/08/19

 “Tried two different ice creams and both were Devine!” – Amy O. 01/10/19

 “So yummy , even better then I could have imagined.” – Samantha R. 01/11/19

“Yummy Keto Ice Cream ! Delish.” – Bunny S. 01/12/19

“I was given a sample of their Keto ice cream and loved it.  Can’t wait to try some more.” – Tiffany N. 01/13/19

 “It’s the first ice cream I have been able to eat in years without getting sick!” – Wendy K. 01/13/19

This ice cream is amazing.” – Tina H. 01/15/19

“The low price for a great ice cream that will satisfy your sweet tooth while you are on the way to a healthier lifestyle.” – Mendy S. 01/31/19

 “This is a wonderful product! Creamy and delicious. This is definitely the best Keto ice cream I have had and many notches above what is out there.” – Gail K. 02/04/19

“This is the most delicious gormet ice cream you’ve ever had. It’s creamy and delicious, and you’d never know it is Keto ice cream. You will absolutely love it!” – Michelle A. 02/13/19

“Absolutely fantastic ice cream!” – Carolyn S. 02/21/19

“Super yummy! Would never guess it was Keto friendly.” – Mikale M. 02/26/19

“I’m convinced there is some sort of sorcery involved with them. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING is so good!!! I hope they add more items to their shop. I am obsessed with this amazing company!!” – Heather D. 03/01/19

“Not just the coolest ice cream ever… but the people that make the stuff are even cooler!” – Andrew S. 3/13/19

This ice cream is a scoop of happy! Every flavor is a fun new adventure! White Chocolate Macadamia was dream come true! Looking forward to Butter Pecan this week! (One of the happiest parts of this ice cream is getting to know the owners..they put happy in each week!)?Joni P. 03/21/19

Oh my! It is like a little piece of heaven! The best Keto ice cream ever. Each ingredient has been thought about they care about the product. It is divine on the palette! Thank you for the yummy that you share!!!? – Alice M. 3/23/19

“Literally the best keto ice cream I’ve ever had!!!” – Jocelyn Y. 04/10/19

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